Transformative Educational Leadership

About TEL

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The Transformative Educational Leadership Program (TEL) is a yearlong compassionate learning community focused on Mindfulness-Based Social, Emotional, Academic and Ethical Learning for K-12 Systemic Change.

TEL’s mission is to cultivate a community of educational leaders to support equitable, large-scale systemic change in k-12 education. By supporting the inner lives of these leaders and equipping them with the skills to engage in action, they will have the tools they need to create transformation toward equitable school communities.  




Transformative Educational Leadership will help manifest a world of education in which:

  • Educational leaders are courageous, compassionate and lead with integrity.

  • Educational communities are cultivated by mindful awareness practices, critical reflection and cooperative & courageous action.

  • Students’ inner and outer needs are honored and the full child is nurtured, building reverence and understanding.

  • Society is life-affirming rather than dehumanizing and disconnecting.

  • Systemic inequality shifts toward a culture of equity and collaboration.

  • Educational systems shift from a culture that too often quells spirit, creativity, emotion, and embodiment to one that supports them.

  • Schools value different ways of knowing

  • Personal and collective trauma can be healed through the understanding of our pasts and the re-connection to nature and community.

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Core Beliefs

  • Gathering in a learning community to cultivate the inner lives of educational leaders is essential for personal and professional development. It supports wellness and balance for these leaders as they navigate advancing change in their school communities.

  • Engaging in transformative action to change systemic inequities will support healthy students, educators, schools, and community systems for them to learn and teach within.

  • Practicing Mindfulness-Based Social and Emotional Learning can help transform our culture of systemic inequality and violence towards one of collaboration and partnership.

  • Developing embodied, heart-centered, socially aware, and courageously active educational leaders is a crucial lever for transforming society.

  • Addressing the major challenges of our time with a heart-centered and just worldview as educators is critical for supporting the healthy and equitable development of the next generation and future of our society.

  • Recognizing personal and collective imbalances and inequities are interconnected and that we must courageously face these challenges, as healing must be done together.


Theory Of Change


 When educational leaders form a compassionate learning community to cultivate their inner lives as well as commit to engaged action toward systemic change, then they will be more effective in transforming their educational communities, which will lead to a more equitable, compassionate, and embodied experience of learning and living for students, educators, and the broader world we live in.

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