Transformative Educational Leadership

Mindfulness-Based Social, Emotional, Academic and Ethical Learning for K-12 Systemic Change

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Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL) is an empowering, racially and culturally diverse, compassion-centered, innovative program for educational leaders who are called to integrate mindfulness-based social, emotional, academic and ethical learning into schools and school systems.


Applications are currently closed, and will reopen Fall 2019 for the TEL 2020 Cohort. Sign up below to be notified when applications open.


What You’ll Learn


With a compassionate learning community and leaders in the fields of education, research, contemplative neuroscience, and resilience, we access the best evidence-based practices, curricula, and strategies for systemic educational transformation. With this year of training, both on campus and online, educational leaders become better equipped to:

  • Cultivate self-care and community-care, utilizing practices for developing resilience, focus, and wellness.

  • Interpret and integrate decades of research and theoretical knowledge in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), mindfulness practices and neuroscience for practical application.

  • Understand and more skillfully work with stress and trauma in students, teachers, and communities.

  • Hold an equity lens by integrating restorative and culturally sustaining pedagogical practices into one's work.

  • Engage in critical reflection as a foundation for continuous improvement.


Program Details

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Key Dates & Program Structure

Retreat Dates:  July 27-29, 2018, July 14-19, 2019. Retreats are held at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

In this year-long program within an experiential learning community, leaders journey through:

  • Two intensive in person retreats at the Omega Institute

  • Small ongoing virtual cohort meeting groups

  • Monthly webinars with a core teaching team

  • Monthly webinars with expert guest lecturers

  • Ongoing Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) throughout the year

  • Group-supported implementation of a strategic and systemic action plan unique to one’s context.  

  • Direct experience with experts in the field of SEL, mindfulness, and contemplative neuroscience, including various approaches and best practices in these fields.

  • An experience of embodying social, emotional and ethical development in the company of a like-minded community.


This Program is For...

  • School administrators

  • Teachers who are or aspire to be educational leaders

  • Social Emotional Learning personnel in districts/schools

  • Instructional coaches and other specialists

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support coaches

  • Mental health personnel and special education providers

  • SEL, mindfulness, restorative practices, & after school program providers


A limited amount of scholarships will be available upon request. Please specify in your application if you are in need.